Arges Series Super-LED 360° Remote Control Spotlight

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Meet Arges, Whelen's new remote spotlight designed with officer safety in mind. Arges features revolutionary control, with 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range. Designed from the ground up and packed with Whelen's most innovative technology, Arges will make you rethink what a remote spotlight is capable of.
Arges works seamlessly with CenCom Core, Whelen's newest control system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation.
• ProFocus™ Models: 5° spot to 60° flood variable beam width
• Spotlight Models: 5° spot
• Proclera® Silicone Optics
• Black die-cast aluminum housing
• CenCom Core™ and WeCanX™ compatible
• The innovative mechanical design provides 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range
• The drivetrain is electronically and mechanically protected
• Argus installs quickly and requires no A-pillar drilling or airbag interference.
• Includes two 18" power control harnesses and one 12" communication cable
• The all-new control head features a paddle and three push-buttons.
• Program Arges with Whelen Command or use alone with its paired control head
• The full Arges system passes CISPR 25 Class 3
• Five year warranty on Arges
• Two year warranty on motor