• Whelen Carbide System

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    Carbide makes programming straightforward with a newly designed Windows based software. This
    intuitive platform makes configuring simple, while a USB 2.0 port transfers data faster than ever before.
    Design Features
    • Control warning lights, siren, and Traffic Advisor™ functions from a single keypad
    • Various control heads available
    • Newly designed software allows for easy program configuration via USB 2.0
    • Fully supports all WeCan® Series products
    • 12 positive or negative activated inputs
    • Supports up to 2 of the following: front WeCan Inner Edge®, rear WeCan Inner Edge, or optional remote 16 output modules
    • Separate backlight control
    Integrated Load Manager
    Carbide™ reduces the chance of a drained battery by shutting off outputs as vehicle battery voltage declines.
    Integrated Auto-Off Timer
    Keep Carbide functioning even if the ignition is turned off.
    • When used with the Integrated Load Manager, this provides a safe way of maintaining critical warning functions even if the keys must be removed from the ignition
    Control Head
    Ergonomically designed for situational awareness of the officer, various control heads are compatible with Carbide. Completely configurable by the user, these control heads are designed with features such as: tick marks, raised surfaces, and recessed areas for ease of use, allowing officers to focus on the road.
    CANport™ OBDII Interface
    The CANport OBDII Interface is a simple plug-in connection to the vehicle. Using the CANport,CAN bus signals are easily applied to automate warning system functions.
    • Simple and easy installation
    • Eliminates labor costs
    • Saves money on wires and connectors
    • Helps maintain the integrity of the vehicle
    Select from a series of vehicle signals*:
    • Headlight
    • Low Beams
    • High Beams
    • Park Lamps
    • Left Turn Signal
    • Right Turn Signal
    • Hazard Lights
    • Brake
    • Park Brake
    • Park
    • Reverse
    • Neutral
    • Drive
    • Transmission Range
    • Vehicle Speed
    • Throttle Position
    • Engine RPM
    • Engine Running
    • Fuel Level
    • A/C Clutch
    • Key Switch ACC
    • Key Switch IGN
    • Key Switch Off
    • Key Switch Position
    • Key Switch RUN
    • Any Front Door
    • Any Back Door
    • Front Driver Door
    • Front Passenger Door
    • Rear Driver Door
    • Rear Passenger Door
    Situation Based Integration
    Carbide™ features improved Situation Based Integration, a technology first introduced in 1993 with Whelen's B-Link™ System.
    • Priorities can now be fully configured and controlled
    • Carbide controls scene-specific lighting for safety and efficiency using any of the integrated 12 programmable inputs, 18 programmable outputs, and optional expansion modules
    • Turn lights/buttons on or off when the door opens, vehicle transmission is shifted, brakes are pressed, or the sun goes down
    • Automatically turn on flood lighting when take-downs are activated
    • Change warning patterns with siren tones
    • Activate a burst of light when the airhorn is pressed
    • Light up the rear of the vehicle when brakes are pressed
    • Activate the alarm feature to create a disorienting visual and audible display to aid in officer safety
    18 Outputs:
    4 x 20A (steady or flashing)
    5 x 10A (steady or flashing)
    1 x 10A dry contact relay (steady only)
    8 x 1A (steady or flashing)
    12 Inputs (positive or negative switched)
    200W Siren
    Full set of siren tones
    Supports new WeCan® dual siren amplifier option
    Conditional operations
    Configurable priorities
    Expansion Modules
    Supports up to two of the following:
    Front WeCan Inner Edge®
    Rear WeCan Inner Edge
    Optional Remote 16 Output Modules
    Integrated Features
    9/C Traffic Advisor™ Driver, standard
    New heavy-duty crimp style connections
    on WeCan port
    Configurable Load Manager
    Configurable Ignition Delay Timer
    Additional Features
    Expanded support for Photocell
    Full support of SOLO™ WeCan lightbars
    Full support of DUO™ and TRIO™ lightbars
    Supports new 21 button control head
    NEW CANport™ OBDII Interface