Rear Dual Color Torrent Lightbar

Product Number: Rear Dual Color Torrent Lightbar

The second generation Torrent features new A-Glow optic inboard light modules and Mega D-Fuser corners, producing maximum output with a minimal price point. A rugged aluminum chassis and UV stabilized lenses ensure years of reliable service while new software provides the widely coveted dual and tri color functionality.

Rear facing inboard light modules are dual color for easy conversion to amber when in traffic control mode.

  • 3 programmable warning modes
  • Customizable flash patterns
  • Built-in traffic arrow patterns
  • Rear inboard light modules override warning colors and convert to amber when traffic arrows are activated
  • Flashing takedowns and alley lights
  • Rugged aluminum chassis withstands the toughest conditions and efficiently dissipates heat
  • Air-tight design is virtually impervious to water ingress / condensation
  • A-Glow optic inboard light modules - Mega D-Fuser optic corner light modules
  • Passenger side cable exit
  • Low power mode
  • Variety of mounting options