• SoundOff nERGY 400 Series Remote Siren

    $546.94 $510.00

    SoundOff Signal nERGY 400 Series Remote Siren

    • Hands free feature allow siren tones to be cycled or cancelled by pressing horn (horn-ring circuit must be connected)
    • Removable microphone with quarter inch plug
    • Designed with extra large buttons with appropriate spacing to eliminate buttons to be accidentally pressed
    • Provides up to eight 10 amps and three 20 amp outputs with internal fuses for powering solenoids (i.e. gunlock) or supplying power and signaling to other onboard peripherals (printer, radar, GPS, etc.)
    • Built-in protection against over/under voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity
    • Officers value the sound intensity of the dual-tone feature “fooling” perpetrators into believing multiple police vehicles are in pursuit
    • 200 watt sirens feature dual-tone capability to deliver two siren tones at once to provide officers with extreme “traffic moving” capability