SoundOff Intersector LED Under Mirror Light

EXAMPLE: Single Color (BLUE), Dual Color (Amber/White), Tri-Color (R/B/W)

SoundOff Intersector LED Under Mirror Light

**Click above link to see multiple color configurations**

The emergency vehicle must-have. Small but mighty and mounts under the vehicle's side mirror.


  • Intersector LED Under Mirror Light is the first light of it’s kind to offer critical intersection warning and side warning
  • Design of light is based upon problem solving research – 30% of all emergency vehicle crashes are likely to occur at dangerous intersections
  • No other light offers 180 degree output – specially designed reflector amplifies and throws the light at the perfect angle to increase visibility at intersections and offer side warning illumination
  • Unique under mirror mount simplifies installation – labor saving light is much easier to install than traditional front mirror skull mounts – no mirrors to work behind or around
  • Light can be surface mounted to any flat area on any type of vehicle – elevate your safety and visibility by mounting to the headache rack or body of the vehicle wherever additional lighting is needed
  • Features cruise mode for steady burn if desired
  • US Patent D636113 S1, other US and foreign patents pending.