Pioneer Quad

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Whelen Pioneer Quad

The largest and brightest Pioneer in our family. High intensity spot and flood lighting with four panels of Pioneer Plus™ power. Guaranteed to give you the illumination where you need it, for the tough job that needs to be done.
• Four panels of Pioneer Plus high intensity lightheads combined into one powerful work light producing 30,000 usable lumen output.
• Floodlights are UL® Listed.
• Flood/8° Spot combination pending UL® approval.
• All models are 115 VAC.
• Three versions include lighthead only, lighthead with pedestal/pole mount and lighthead with universal side bail mount.
• All models include supporting hardware.
• Solid-state electronics and lamps are rugged and reliable, eliminating the high cost of lamp or ballast replacement.
• Pioneer floodlights are instant On/Off eliminating the ramp-up time and high current in-rush required by high intensity discharge and other light sources.
• Pioneer provides long life LED operation with low current draw and low operating temperature.
• Pioneer LEDs operate at very high light efficiency producing high lumen output per watt.
• Rugged die cast aluminum, powder coated housing, available in White or Black.
• 115 VAC models will operate using a generator to provide floodlighting at a distance away from the vehicle's voltage source without significant voltage drops.
• 3/4" NPT pedestal/pole mount models fit most industry standard poles.
• Removable handle standard on pedestal and pole mount models.
• Pioneer Series simulates bright midday summer sunlight.
• No ultraviolet light to attract insects during nighttime operation.
• Engineered thermal design keeps LEDs running cool and efficiently, eliminating decreased diode output over long hours of operation.
• Five year warranty
• Size: 14.05" W x 7.38" H x 3.16" D