• Pioneer Plus Surface Mount

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    Pioneer Plus Surface Mount

    Whelen introduces the first complete series of Surface Mount combination Spot/Floodlight Pioneers offering the lowest profile and amperage draw on the market today! New designs eliminate body cut outs and add moisture-resistant protection for your vehicle.
    • New combination spot/flood (patent pending) optic design projects light directly down at 5° producing illumination to the side of the vehicle arching upward to 90° pattern of light
    • All models are true surface mount requiring no body cut-out
    • Lights feature built-in nylon screw grommets eliminating galvanic corrosion
    • Uniquely designed molded two part silicone grommet seals the 1"? wire entry into the body
    • Pioneer Series simulates bright midday summer sunlight
    • PCPSM (Single or Dual) Pioneer meets SAE1113-42 Class 5 testing for EMI. (Class 5 is the lowest specification threshold). They emit no EMI, consume pure DC current, no switching for internal oscillation for total clean power consumption
    • Engineered thermal design keeps LED'™s running cool and efficiently, eliminating decreased diode output over long hours of operation
    • Solid-state electronics and LEDs are rugged and reliable, eliminating the high cost of lamp or ballast replacement
    • Two-foot (609mm) cable supplied
    • Pioneer lightheads are instant On/Off eliminating the ramp-up time and high current in-rush required by high intensity discharge and other light sources
    • Pioneer LEDs operate at a very high light efficiency producing high lumen output per watt
    • Rugged extruded aluminum housing
    • Available in 12 VDC, 24 VDC
    • AC models are coming soon pending UL® approval
    • 120 AC models will operate using a generator to provide floodlighting at a distance away from the vehicle'™s voltage source without significant voltage drops
    • Optional outer flange available in Chrome or Black
    • Five-year unconditional warranty