Feniex Storm Pro 100 Watt Siren


Storm Pro // Thundering Performance from Feniex Industries on Vimeo.

100 watt power output

16 programmable siren tones

6 audio commands

Mic included

4 programmable modes

Radio rebroadcast

Park kill activation

Horn ring activation

Positive or negative park kill and horn ring activation

Tone select switch

The Storm Pro boasts 124 decibels of thundering sound and a slim, low profile, the perfect combination for emergency vehicle siren users who want a big boom, but don't have much room. Super compact and rugged, the Storm Pro 100-Watt siren can be mounted in the tightest locations, making it the leading siren in the emergency warning industry. For maximum impact, pair your Storm Pro police sirens with the Feniex Triton speaker.