• Feniex Front Interior Dual Color Light Bar

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    Enter Optics: EX: D1 40°/D2 180°/D3 40°/D4 40°/P5 40°/P6 40°/P7 180°/P8 40°

    NOTE: In color selection if you choose a color with white, the dual color visor will do a full flood option.  Example: Red/White or Blue/White the bar will flash all red, all red/white or do a full front flood option.  If you want the entire bar to do a full front flood you must select all your modules with a white option in the color.

    Interchangeable 180° or 40° light spread optics per module

    Available in single color or dual color

    No drilling required. Each unit mounts to existing visor brackets

    57 flash patterns for dual color

    16 flash patterns for single color

    Capabilities: -1 programmable mode for single color -2 programmable modes for dual color -Directional Patterns -Takedown or Work-Light -Flood Mode for dual color

    Available Colors: R, B, A, W, G, RW, BW, AW, AR, AB, RB

    Rugged sheet metal housing

    Includes adjustable trim to prevent windshield flash back

    The Fusion Front Interior Light Bar is the brightest and most innovative leading interior LED light bar. These LED interior lights give the vehicle a factory look, both stealth and clean. The front light bar is manufactured vehicle specific and provides the least amount of installation time where interior front light bar emergency vehicle lights are concerned. Functions include takedown for single and dual color and flood mode for dual color, with 25 to 75 flash pattern choices.